General Conditions of Buying a Classic Volkswagen

Vehicles advertised on this site, unless stated otherwise are listed and made for sale by other individuals and not by Righteous Kombis. There are purely classified advertisements.


The following applies only to vehicles owned and sold by Righteous Kombis


This document forms part of the important facts disclosed by the dealer to potential purchasers.

About the Seller

  • Righteous Pty Ltd (ABN: 78622613082) Trading as Righteous Kombis of 580 Wisemans Ferry Rd Somersby NSW 2250 is the owner of the vehicle. Jared Luke Pogson sole trader (The Dealer) (ABN: 67740064143) (NSW Dealer license: MD032040) of 580 Wisemans Ferry Rd, Somersby acts as the licensed motor dealer. Both parties as a joint business under this arrangement are hereafter referred to as Righteous Kombis or The Seller
  • Any disputes related to the Australian Consumer Law will be handled by The Dealer
  • The Seller operates in New South Wales (NSW). Any disputes that may arise will be governed by the laws of the state of NSW. The Dealer holds a NSW motor dealers license.
  • The Seller does not hold a motor vehicle repairers license in any state or territory of Australia.
  • The Seller is not have an authorised inspection station and none of its employees are registered vehicle inspectors
  • Any repairs made to vehicles are outsourced to other contractors.

Vehicle Condition

  • The Seller endeavors to describe the vehicle accurately and to the best of their skills, knowledge and qualifications.
  • Description of the vehicle is based on a walk around and if possible by starting and running the vehicle and by moving it at low speeds around private property.
  • it is difficult to know of or describe every possible fault that might exist. Any judgement of the condition of the vehicle should always be taken with reference to similar vehicles of their age and asking price as well as the qualifications of the person making the judgement.
  • The Seller  encourages prospective buyers to inspect the vehicle and to arrange a qualified mechanic or any other person of their choosing to inspect the vehicle. We will also make ourselves or the vehicle reasonably available for any inspection.
  • Where the vehicle is currently in running, driving and operable condition The Seller does not make a judgement as to the condition of individual components and therefore cannot advise as to when any component on the vehicle may fail. Every component on the vehicle is a wearable item and has a useful life. For historic vehicles (30 years old or greater) the useful life of every component is generally considered to have passed and could fail at any time. It is likely that many components have already been replaced in the past, however,  where there is no history or service record it should be assumed that any and all components could break at any time. Replacing these components are considered to be maintenance and service. Such components could include the engine and gearbox and any and all components associated with these.
  • For historic vehicles, the odometer cannot be considered an accurate representation of the distance travelled. Where the odometre only has 5 digits it returns to 0 after 99999 kilometres and may therefore have covered many hundreds of thousands of kilometres. In addition, the odometer may have been altered or replaced at some stage. It is not possible to give an accurate indication of the actual distance the vehicle may have travelled
  • It can be difficult to find replacement parts for historic vehicles. The buyer should do their due diligence on sourcing parts.
  • Some items on the vehicle may look and operate differently from original or may not work at all. For example, this vehicles heating system was designed to operate through the exhaust system. This has been disabled in the past as it is not considered safe to operate.
  • The value of historic vehicles and price paid should be considered with reference to the age, condition and supply and demand of similar vehicles. Values of historic vehicles are affected heavily by supply and demand and as such prices will fluctuate. The price paid should not be compared to a similar new vehicle and the condition of the vehicle cannot be considered to be similar to a comparable modern vehicle of a similar price.
  • Rust can be a common problem. Rust develops from the inside of a panel outwards so rust may exist in the vehicle that cannot be seen from a visual inspection.



  • Where the vehicle is sold without registration and plates it is considered to be sold as an unroadworthy vehicle.
  • Righteous may on request agree to supply a NSW roadworthy certificate (AUVIS Check or safety check). Any such roadworthy certificate is only a representation of the vehicles roadworthiness in NSW at the day and time it was inspected.
  • Any roadworthy certificate supplied with the vehicle is issued by a third party inspection station.
  • Where the buyer wishes to register the vehicle in a state or territory other than NSW, regardless of whether the vehicle is or is not currently registered in NSW, they will need to obtain a roadworthy certificate in their own state or territory.
  • A passed roadworthy in NSW or the fact the vehicle is currently registered in NSW does not serve as a representation that the  vehicle will pass an inspection test in any other state or territory of Australia.
  • Where the vehicle is sold as an unregistered vehicle and where the buyer wishes to register the vehicle for road use in Australia, the buyer will need to go through the process of a new registration in the state or territory of their residence, this includes NSW and applies to all vehicles sold without plates. This process may include obtaining a roadworthy certificate.
  • Where the buyer needs to complete a roadworthy in any such state or territory of Australia, the buyer may need to complete repairs on the vehicle to obtain said roadworthy. The buyer agrees that the responsibility for costs associated with repairs to the vehicle and obtaining a roadworthy will be their own responsibility.